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Anger Management

Anger: To harbour strong feelings of displeasure and indignation

Our “Hurts/Anger Management” program forms a major part of the WASP in the last couple of days of the camp.

This is a tactile, emotional and physical course that allows anger to be recognised, released and controlled in a very caring loving way with much support and follow-up. This program helps people discover the true source of their hurts/anger and then helps them let go of it in a demonstrative way that does not hurt others (like demolishing a microwave with a sledge hammer or driving over a car in a bulldozer.

So many say “I’m free” and realise what has been holding them back for so long.


Delhuntie staff work as a team with the students on a physically demanding task in a very different environment where they are stretched to the limit yet trust our staffs care and love, such as in a tree top tour high ropes course, to help recognise and identify their source of anger.

This accelerated conflict quickly breaks down barriers and allows the truth to surface about their negative emotions. We guide them through a path of personal discovery so they can acknowledge their deep seated pain and hidden source of anger, then help them free themselves of its burden with a number of symbolic activities and give it away to a higher power and feel forgiven.

Many enjoy a much deeper and renew the relationship with loved ones. Our methods are undertaken in a controlled way and are often loud and explosive, for anything less would not represent the great pain they are removing.


Our Staff

Our staff and carefully chosen to reflect a loving caring environment, you will find them warm and compassionate from the start.

Our staff aims and objectives are that all our clients leave our program with a high level of self-worth and a greater peace in their life.

Many have been through similar and sometimes worse experience themselves and have a greater depth of understanding which identifies with others needs, which opens the door of greater trust.

Photograph: Rob Kent & Students

The Principle

Even the Principal gets to let out steam and frustration for the kids.

This was the end of our hurts and anger management part of the program.

It was gratifying to see the bond between carers, police, parents and teachers and the empathy shown.

Photograph: The Principle & Students

The Students

This part of the program helps hanging out/burying the past and moving towards a positive future.

Photograph: Students Burying the Past


This photo shows a mountain drawn on a white board (the mountain represents the kids life and the challenges they face), we asked the kids where they felt their life was before the Delhuntie program. Many believed the mountain was too huge to climb or get over before this. Then we asked them how they felt 2 months after the program and many had made it to the top or even started to come down the other side.

Please note a couple of the students had either attempted suicide or at least thought about ending their lives before the program but are doing much better after the program. "K.C." was one of these students. You can see he was far right at the foothill of the mountain of life. He had only tried to commit suicide a few weeks prior to camp. After the camp he stated he was at the very top of the mountain, as you can see his faded initials top left of mountain.


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