Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Adventure Survival Program



WASP presents a holistic experience – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

This program assists youth to deal with the struggles in their lives and equipping them with a stronger character and personal skills and tools to manage life effectively in the future.

Our staff gains an increased level of trust as the program develops with each person. With this trust we gain an insight into their problem filled lives and use our skills to guide them through their problems.


Many studies have been done in school tuck shops, prisons and care centres where the value of an alkaline diet and less acid has totally changed the behaviour and genes of teenagers. Reference Dr. Sang Lee - Monash University.

Catering is provided and we have a very holistic approach with an alkaline vegetarian diet. In our discovery of how to develop these programs, we have found a significant relationship between food and mood: JUNK FOOD IN = JUNK BEHAVIOUR OUT.

It takes more than just removing red cordial from the diet.

We need an abundance of fruit and vegetables with only a little acid forming foods such as breads and meat. Almost any food in a package is highly acid forming.

Within 3 days of changing the diet, major disruptive behaviours begin to diminish and a pleasant and happy disposition prevails. We do impart this knowledge on all who take part in our programs.

We are like miners. We use our program and skills to mine each persons character where we find the hidden treasures (their gifts or inner beauty) and help them to become a polished gem.


We also strip the students from all modern technology and time wasters – for example no mobile phones, iPods, computers etc. They can then concentrate on the tasks at hand and live in a world free from judgement from so-called friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Who is normally up for an iceburgers swim at 6am in the morning in the cool waters of a winters stream? We are. It is not only a great smack in the face wake-up call, but the cool water which frees the blood that is coagulated is extremely high stimulating values to kick start a busy day of adventures and character building.

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